Unit Selection

There are many ways to select units in CaptureAge and we've done everything we can to give you the flexibility and tools to best read game situations and keep track of what's actually going on without 300apm switching between players and selecting units.

CaptureAge allows you to select 8 unique players simultaniously without running into any limitations. You can also add buildings into these selections and show all gaia objects on the map.


  • Left click on a unit
  • Double click on a unit (will select all of that unit type on screen owned by that player)
  • Left click dragging a box (will select everything inside the box)
  • A to select everything on screen
  • Ctrl + A to automatically select and maintain selection of military on screen
  • Selecting a unit portrait from the army composition view
  • Selecting an existing unit from the selection panel
  • Idle military key

When you use A or you click and drag a box CaptureAge will remember everything that was in the screen / area, but by default will only show you units, if any are selected. To see buildings / gaia objects press U to cycle through the selection panel modes.

Manipulating Selections

  • U cycles the selection panel selection priority from units to units and buildings, then gaia
  • Clicking on a unit portrait or player from the selection panel will select that unit or all that player's units.
  • Holding Shift and selecting a unit will select only that unit type from that player, deselecting allies etc.
  • Holding Ctrl + Shift and clicking on a unit portrait will deselect all of that unit type from that player.