Fog of War & Perspective

CaptureAge gives you everything you would want from a fog of war system, intuitive swapping between players and additional fog of war modes to aid in understanding the greater situation.

CaptureAge has two perspective systems. The primary perspective controls which player's sound you will hear, and is indicated by the color of the minimap border. This player is called the selected player.

The second perspective controls the fog of war you see. By default you will see the selected player's fog of war, but you can also show shared fog of war. The fog of war perspective is indicated by the color(s) of the eye icon to the left of the minimap.

CaptureAge renders fog by darkening the terrain, dealing with resizing artifacts while streaming or recording CaptureAge on legacy user made and run versions of the game. Here's all the default hotkeys and what they do!

Selecting a player perspective

  • Click on their username in the main dashboard table (bottom left of the screen)
  • Shift + Click on a unit changes your selected player to the owner of the unit you just shift clicked, changing the sounds and Fog of war you'll experience
  • Alt + 1 [..8] will swap your spectating perspective to the colour number you just pressed
  • Gaia can be selected by using Shift + Click on a gaia unit or by pressing Alt + 9

Changing fog of war

  • Alt + F toggles standard fog of war on and off
  • R cycles between unit spy mode (in LOS, out of LOS and not explored are shown in three degrees of darkness), standard Fog of war and all visible.
  • Alt + D enables spies (aka dual/shared fog of war)