ASelect all entities in view (very useful!)
Ctrl + AToggle auto selection of all military units in view
Left Click DragSelect units. SHIFT to add units, CTRL to toggle units, CTRL+SHIFT to remove units. Selected units have HP bars over them.
Double clickSelect all units of same type (as in the game)
Left Click (on unit icons in unit selection panel)Operates in the same way as the game: Click to select a single unit (or group of units); Shift to select a unit type; Ctrl to remove a unit; Ctrl + Shift to remove a unit type. The scope is limited to the team panel you click in. Hold Alt when clicking to remove all units not in the team panel you are clicking.
Left Click (on player names in unit selection panel)Click to select just units from the clicked player, hold Ctrl to remove units from that player.
SpaceJump to selected units
UCycles between showing units / buildings / gaia in selection
Alt + #[1-9]Switch to player 1,2,3 etc, 9 selects Gaia
Num pad AddNum pad MinusCycle through player perspectives in dashboard table order (skips Gaia)
Shift + Left Click(Legacy UP control: switch to player owning unit)
Ctrl & HToggle sorting selected units by hp
PeriodJump to next idle villager (current selected player)