OBS Configuration

CaptureAge can be a little finicky to record for some people, so here's everything you'll need to know when using OBS (and any offshoots of OBS like Streamlabs OBS) to record CaptureAge. If you are struggling to get CaptureAge to work with your setup then try these tips.

Run OBS as administrator

OBS should be run as administrator (his is required on some computers for some reason). When not running OBS as administrator CaptureAge typically freezes whenever full screen modes are entered.

Use "Game Capture"

We recommend using the "Game Capture" to record CaptureAge for it's performance and only showing your viewers what you want to be shown. Please note Game capture sources of CaptureAge can take up to 15 seconds to appear in the OBS preview and can sometimes show the launcher if you're messing around with the source at the time.

Known issues with display/monitor capture

Display/Monitor captures have a strange bug in relation to CaptureAge for some users. What happens is after running CaptureAge, your OBS will no longer be able to capture your display/monitor. Thus we recommend using window capture for all your other overlays (which is good practice for your own privacy when streaming anyways). Until we find a solution to this niliCry!

Still having issues?

We are very happy to help streamers and content creators get things set up. If you would like our professional assistance to help you debug your installation then please get in touch.