Update Notes

Version 1.1.0 2021/1/16

  • Added an Experimental option to enable enhanced graphics. Recommended to only use this in 1v1 for now.
  • Added options to control texture filtering, this makes the graphics look less pixelated.
  • Added an Experimental option to enable small trees mod.
  • Added an Option to enable a grid.
  • Changed the unit panel to always be the same height, unless there are no units selected.
  • Enabled static technologies for team games.
  • Enabled the ability to select fish
  • Made some other tweaks to the UI.
  • Added goto hotkeys for buildings and kings, using the in-game default combinations.
  • Also added select-all building hotkeys and focus selection hotkey.
  • Fixed various startup errors users have been reporting.
  • Fixed an issue causing some units to disappear in the middle of an animation.
  • Implemented some performance improvements, more to come.
  • Added a message to indicate that Windows Store installs are not supported at the moment.
  • Made edge scroll behaviour more similar to the game.
  • Changed zooming behaviour to be more correct.
  • Fixed sound volume for units depending on their location in the screen.
  • Adjusted selection sounds to fade out with zoom.

Version 1.0.5 2020/12/31

  • Made point-click select only one unit

Version 1.0.4 2020/12/30

  • Added selection like CaptureAge Classic: Double, shift and control click support
  • Added selection modification to unit panel: click, shift and control click support
  • Shift click a unit to change perspective to its player
  • Added sounds for selecting units and buildings
  • Fixed ctrl+number hotkeys to select a player by color instead of lobby number
  • Made it easier to select building foundations
  • New hotkey `alt+o` to hide/show the UI
  • Increased maximum zoom level
  • Introduced minimal ui option in settings menu. The implementation is also minimal at the moment - all it does is hide the military value bar in the balance panel, but more changes are coming!
  • Disabled epic slooowdooooown at end of game
  • Removed tooltips in unit panel
  • Changed health bars for villagers to show above their heads
  • Monk conversion lines now fade out when out of range
  • Added civ icon to 1v1 stats table
  • Fixed bug with delay in scoreboard side switching

Version 1.0.3 2020/12/29

  • Resolve errors in app shutdown

Version 1.0.2 2020/12/28

  • Addressed some stability issues

Version 1.0.1 2020/12/28

  • Resolved authentication errors barring people from using CaptureAge