Update Notes

Version 1.4.12


Hotfix for Nomad Starts

  • • Fixes team assignment for treaty conditions in nomad starts.

Version 1.4.11


Minor UX Changes

  • • Recorded game compatibility for latest Age II patch (56005).

  • • CA:DE should no longer suddenly fast forward when a spectated game with spec delay ends.

  • • Age indicators in top panel will show when an age tech has been queued.

  • • CA:DE will check that you have installed the Enhanced Graphics Pack DLC before attempting to use it.

  • • Reduced input lag when typing in scoreboard fields.

  • • Adjusted the unit kills tooltip.

Version 1.4.10


New Analysis Features

Selected Unit(s) Kills

The total kills made by individual units or groups of units are now displayed on the side of the Unit Panel. Pro Hover over the kills number to see a breakdown into economy kills and friendy-fire kills.

Selected Unit(s) Efficiency

Pro Efficiency in the last minute for economy units and all buildings are now displayed on the side of the Unit Panel. Click the efficiency stat to see a feature preview that displays a breakdown of everything your selection has been doing both in the last minute and over all time.

Single Selected Unit Attack/Armor Stats

Hover over a unit's attack or armor stats to see a full list of all the bonus attack/armor that the unit has.

Military Technologies on Timeline

Pro Optionally display the timing of military technologies in the Statistics population timeline.

General UI/UX Improvements

  • • Clicking on production dots in the unit composition display will take you to the relevant building.

  • • Clicking on the Age icon for a player at the top of the screen will take you to their oldest Town Center.

  • • You can now disable some tooltips via checkboxes in the Caster Settings.

  • • Techs will now show for a few game seconds after they have been completed.

  • • FPS is now capped by default at 60fps. This cap can be turned off in the Graphics Settings tab.

  • • The zoom level will default to whatever you set in Zoom Preset 2 in the Casting Settings.

  • • When navigating to a bookmark, fog of war and player perspective will be restored to what they were when the bookmark was created.

  • • CA:DE will now check if you are running Windows 7. If Windows 7 is detected then an alert will appear informing you that Windows 7 is not supported, and the application will then exit.

Bug Fixes

  • • Fixed the "blocky" terrain bug that has affected users with certain GPUs for months.

  • • Fixed an issue in which technologies would linger after they were completed.

  • • Converted villagers will no longer show up as separate units in the unit composition display.

Version 1.4.9


Minor UI Changes

  • • Added unit movement speed to unit panel.

  • • Added market prices to market unit panel.

Minor Performance Improvement

  • • Added a cache for some commonly used texture data. This should improve performance and reduce stutter slightly.

Bug Fixes

  • • Made units from new civilizations (Poles & Bohemians) use the correct language.

  • • Use the correct player colors when displaying replay file information.

  • • Fixed replay parsing for files from the latest patches.

  • • Fixed a chart scaling issue on the statistics screen that could occur when changing which players' data were visible.

Version 1.4.8


Speed Control UX

We have changed the way in which speed in CA:DE interacts with the speed in the game. CA:DE will now continually tweak the game's speed to achieve a stable playback speed in CA:DE at your selected speed. It is no longer possible to control the game's speed from within Age II when using CA:DE: the speed you choose in CA:DE is now definitive and will override any changes you make in Age II.

As part of these changes we have removed the "Keep up with live" toggle. If you wish to keep up with a live spectate stream then simply press the fast forward button in CA:DE. This reflects Age II's behaviour when catching up to live streams.

Minor Fixes

  • • Fixed one cause of CA:DE getting stuck on the "Waiting for interface" loading screen.

  • • Selection sounds are now not played when selecting dead objects (e.g. dead boars/sheep).

  • • It is now possible to select dead animals through buildings (e.g. dead boar under TC).

  • • Selection sounds will only play once on double click rather than twice.

  • • Static technologies will now be on by default. You can turn them off again by pressing Alt + T

  • • Fixed various graphical glitches in the Statistics graphs.

  • • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong unit type to show in the "Most created unit" item on the End of Game panel.

  • • Added charge attack indicator to the Unit Panel (affects, e.g., coustellier).

  • • Research progress now accounts for the Portuguese research time bonus.

  • • Added tooltips on hover for text that is clipped.

  • • Added help tooltips for most common UI components.

  • • Villager/combat volume sliders now change all of their respective targets' sounds instead of just some of them.

  • • Fixed a bug in which enemy units were incorrectly displayed in the minimap fog of war.

Version 1.4.7


Dawn of the Dukes Compatibility

  • • Compatibility for new civilizations in Dawn of the Dukes.

Version 1.4.6


Minor Fixes

  • • Various particles (smoke, ship trails etc.) will now be in the correct position, rather than slightly offset.

  • • Addressed a suspected cause of lingering CA:DE processes.

  • • Updated replay game version detection.

Version 1.4.5


Minor Bug and Stability Fixes

  • • Fixed a crash that could happen when first launching a game.

  • • Fixed a crash that happened when the only player dies in a 1 player game.

  • • Fixed an issue in which CA:DE would wait forever to join a game.

  • • Fixed a display issue in which the lobby countdown in CA:DE was not showing when waiting in a lobby with spectator delay.

Version 1.4.4


Minor Update

  • • Added a quick access menu, which you can open with the CaptureAge shield button to the left of the minimap

  • • Multiple minor stability, user experience and cosmetic fixes.

Version 1.4.3



  • • Fixed a rare issue when updating the CA:DE client

Version 1.4.2


GPU Performance Improvement

We implemented an optimization that should substantially improve GPU performance on most machines. This should be especially noticeable for users that were mainly limited by their GPUs speed.

Increased GPU Compatibility

This change will allow running CaptureAge on some machines on which it previously would not work at all. This should be especially relevant for GPUs with 3GB or less video memory.

Minor Changes

  • • Added more search options and filters to the replays tab of CaptureAge's menu

  • • Changed texture filtering: the dark edge on objects no longer has a small gap in between

  • • Fixed multiple stability issues

Version 1.4.1



Fixed an issue with loading recorded games.

Version 1.4.0


Game Integration

With the upcoming game update comes an awesome new feature: You'll finally able to watch Replays in CA:DE directly from the AoE2:DE client.

Replays in CA:DE

Added two new tabs to view, select and run recorded games directly from CaptureAge:

  • • Added an Overview tab where you can directly load the latest replays into CaptureAge

  • • Added a Replays tab where you can filter replays.

Run CA from AoE2 directly

There are three locations in AoE2:DE to start watching a replay using the button "Spectate with CA":

  • • The replays tab in the save games section of the game

  • • The spectate tab in the multiplayer section of the game

  • • The main menu in the game's own spectate mode

Easier to start analyzing replays

While it should already be easier than ever, we added a helpful button to guide you through the steps required to watch a replay such as "Start AoE2" and "Load Replay"

Control replay speed from CA

With the new June game update you can control the replay speed from CaptureAge directly. You can find the controls below the minimap.

Learn to CaptureAge

We know CaptureAge can be pretty daunting. To help you out we added two features to help you explore CaptureAge and make it much easier to get used to.

Quick Hotkey Reference

Added a small quick reference to CaptureAge. You can show it by clicking the (?) below the minimap.


Added a short tutorial to walk you through the basic features when running CaptureAge for the first time. You can show it again by clicking the button on the new Quick Hotkey Reference menu.

Minor Changes

  • • CaptureAge can now be used without an internet connection

  • • Added an Overview tab to the main menu as the default page

  • • Added a News tab displaying news about CaptureAge and AoE2

  • • Added an Updates tab displaying the CaptureAge changelog

  • • Added a hotkey to quickly show the fog of war of the selected units' player and switch to their perspective if the units belong to a one single player. (Hold Tab )

  • • Added a hotkey to change to the perspective of the selected units' player ( Ctrl + Space )

  • • Added camera zoom hotkeys 1 , 2 and 3 to jump to a preset zoom level. You can adjust the levels in the Casting settings menu tab

  • • Moved Sound settings as a tab into Settings

  • • Moved Graphics settings as a tab into Settings

  • • Additional minor performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • • Fixed an issue where some map names where not properly displayed

  • • Fixed some minor stability issues

Version 1.3.1


Performance Improvements (CPU)

CaptureAge should now use substantially less CPU in almost all scenarios.

As part of this change we have removed the "Use legacy texture processing system" option. We are aware that this may impact some users on Windows 7, but unfortunately, like the game, we only support Windows 10.

Version 1.3.0


Performance Changes

If you previously experienced frequent stutters in mid-late game you should see this much less often, if at all. We are planning a number of smaller updates in the near future that will focus on improving FPS and CPU usage.

If you encounter issues with these changes you can revert to the old rendering implementation by ticking "Use legacy texture processing system" in the Graphics options.

New Major Features

With this update we're introducing three brand new features to CaptureAge:

Worker efficiency breakdown

Pro The first statistics breakdown feature will give you more understanding of idle economy time. You can now see what your workers are actually doing to help you pin-point why your economy was so much better than your opponent's. We breakdown into: Idle, Moving, Building, Gathering and Working times and percentages. Additionally we show a WE LM stat for the worker efficiency in the last minute.

You will find this feature when cycling the bottom right table panel when spectating. WM LE is visible on the main table, the full breakdown is found in a new extra table.

Effective Actions Per Minute

Pro We introduce geAPM (game effective Actions Per Minute), a measure for the frequency of commands that effectively changed the state of the game in game-time minutes. This includes commanding a unit, queueing a unit or technology, enabling auto-farm or forging an diplomatic alliance. But not things like selecting or moving the camera.

We split geAPM up into Economy and Military actions indicating the focus of each player's attention and if they are multi-tasking gods.

You will find this feature when cycling the bottom right table panel when spectating and as a tab on the statistics screen.

Victory screen

At the end of the game, instead of just showing who won - we now also provide you a small overview of the game accompanied by the trumpets we all love to hear.

Pro users will be able to quickly jump back in time to view the highs and lows of the match.

Minor Changes


  • • Added the option to split Economy and Military population, a new dropdown was added to support this

  • • Added a dropdown to filter players from the timeline

  • • Added a legend to the timeline

  • • Age and Pro economy technologies can now be toggled on and off through a checkbox

  • Pro Added APM tab

  • • Added labels for the axes on the population chart


  • • Added Age up and Victory sounds


  • • Enabled support for 1 player games using the FFA overlay mode

  • • Changed control speeds to 2, 4 and 8 respectively from 5, 10 and 50 to cover more use cases. For now, when using Pro, larger leaps can be done by clicking on the playback bar.

  • • Static technologies in team games now show the icon of the best researched technology by any player in each team

  • • Added support for displaying large numbers we wrongly assumed were extremely rare

  • • Added and improved tooltips content, more with more to come.

  • • Improved tooltip positions

  • • Unit icons in the army composition can now be clicked to select units


  • • You can now select buildings and resource nodes by clicking on the underlying terrain

  • • CaptureAge now more gracefully goes back to live after using the time control feature

  • • Added an alternative hotkey to toggle fullscreen: Alt + Enter

  • Pro Improved memory usage when jumping on the playback bar

Bug Fixes

  • • Fixed a rare case in which clicking on the map always selected a TC

  • • Fixed an issue that stopped some graphics from rendering, such as tower rubble.

  • • Made teams in the score area sorted by average instead of the sum of their scores (as intended)

  • • Fixed unit panel disappearing if a unit you have selected gets e.g converted or upgraded

  • • Some units and buildings, like palisades, are no longer in "in-front/behind"-superposition with regards to other units

  • Pro Removed initial stutter after jumping on the playback bar

We wanted to release these features as a thank you to the people that help ensure CaptureAge's on-going development. Can't afford a subscription? Fret not! We have some exciting features in the pipeline for the Free version as well.

Version 1.2.3


Major Bug Fix

CaptureAge no longer remains running in the background after closing.

Sometimes CaptureAge would take up lots of memory, even after closing. This update should prevent such gluttonous behaviour. Leave a message on Issue #8 if the problem persists.

Minor UI Improvements

  • • Scoreboard now supports up to 21 games

  • • Added a text indicator in the unit panel for locked gates

  • • Added a hotkey to hide the minimap in the no-ui mode alt + shift + o

  • • Added faith bar for monks in the unit panel

  • • Player population will now indicate if they are housed / popped

  • • Added idle villager . and idle military , hotkeys

  • • In the Unit Panel, when modifying selection (e.g. shift-clicking the icons) while having units from opposing teams selected, it now only affects one side of the panel. Holding alt will affect both.

  • • Added an option to show the unit panel in the bottom left even when it is empty

  • • Improved k/d precision by calculating it in CA rather than using the value found in-game. This means that they now include deaths when a loaded transport ship is sunk. However the k/d will no longer account for activity that happened before you connected to the game. Issue #6

  • Pro Added a visual indicator for time jumps with the playback bar Issue #12

  • Pro Added an option to scale the achievements timeline by pop segment instead of total pop. With this option, the size of the eco and military parts will be 50% of the timeline regardless of eco/military ratio.

Minor UI Bugs

  • • Fixed an issue where units in the production queue remain after the player removed them from the queue

  • • Fixed an issue where converted units take on the wrong icon in their unit line

  • • Use more appropriate icons in unit panel (e.g. single female villager was showing with the male villager icon)

  • • Fixed an issue where units near (but not under) the minimap couldn't be selected

  • • Account for longer player names in the unit panel

  • • Remove jitter in achievements timeline

  • • Eco and TC idle time will now be counted correctly from the beginning of the game if you are connected

  • • Fixed idle time issue with villagers that have become Flemish Militia

  • • Stats (e.g. damage) for converted units should now be correct in the unit panel

  • • Text fields in the scoreboard settings are now more responsive

  • • Chat messages will show the correct player name in co-op games

  • • Adjusted TC/Castle minimap color for some player colors

  • • Fixed an issue where age up times on the stats table would not display a star for the fastest player in some cases

Version 1.2.2


  • • Logging out will now properly forget your login information the next time you launch the app

  • • Fixed an issue which caused auto login to fail for some users

  • • Removed sneaky invisible exit button which was found at the top right while viewing a game

Version 1.2.0


CaptureAge Pro

We added an option to subscribe to CaptureAge Pro to help support ongoing development. Once you have subscribed on our website, you can log in to your CaptureAge account in the app to unlock new features.

Time Controls

Pro Time Controls allow you to rewind the game to watch it in reverse, slow motion or at high speed. This new feature is accompanied by a playback bar which you can click to jump to any time. To help you remember the most awesome moments, you can easily add bookmarks to the playback bar to go back to later. With a Pro subscription, Time Controls can be shown and hidden using t. Additionally, you can use f4 to add a bookmark 30 game seconds in the past.

Follow Units

Pro With a Pro subscription, you can now use f to tell the camera to follow the units you had selected at the time of using the hotkey until those units died or until you use other panning controls.

Statistics Screen

We improved the design of the statistics screen. With a Pro subscription, economy technologies will be displayed on the statistics timeline at the time their research was completed by a player.

Bug Fixes

  • • Fixed some common resource leaks after shutting down the app. If you experience high memory usage after closing the app, please let us know.

  • • Fixed lack of attack sounds for towers, castles, longboats and more

  • • Fixed select next building hotkeys to work as intended (they will not skip random buildings now)

Hotfix 1.2.1

We released hotfix update 1.2.1 soon after version 1.2.0 to address some urgent technical issues.

Version 1.1.9


  • • Added an achievements screen. You can access it with Ctrl + Alt + S

  • • Fixed invisible units; if you experience invisible units after this update please let us know to fix it again.

Version 1.1.8


FFA and diplomacy support

CaptureAge now supports all team combinations

Combined fog of war

You can now choose to view combined fog of war for all players at the same time. This mode is accessible with the hotkey alt + d

As part of this change an indicator has been added to the right of the minimap that indicates which player's perspective you are currently in, and which fog of war mode.

Control changes

  • • Allow toggling mouse window lock on and off, via a setting checkbox in the main menu and the hotkey alt + shift + c

  • • Changed switch perspectives from shift + lmb to shift + rmb

Interface Changes

Split unit panel

When you select units from two enemy teams they will be shown in a split unit selection panel. As part of this change the limit on the number of units you can select at the same time has been raised. Large numbers of units will be show in a "condensed" mode, with a number indicating how many units of each type, with a pooled hp bar.

Unit composition and production queue

The building focused production queue and the unit composition panel have been merged together. The new implementation features an entry for every unit that is either already on the field or has been queued

Player color modes

  • • Cycle between modes with game -> coldWarm -> warmCold -> game with the hotkey ctrl + alt + c

  • • Select individual colors for players by clicking/right-clicking on a player name in the bottom right dashboard to cycle forwards/backwards through colors

  • • Toggle classic yellow/blue vs red Team Colors with ctrl + alt + g

Minor improvements

  • • Implemented page up and page down in player chat with PgUp and PgDown

  • • Added hp bars to garrisoned units in the unit selection panel

  • • Losing player names will now be crossed out in the dashboard table

  • • Minimap icons now indicate the progress of a partially constructed building

  • • Prey and herdable animals will no longer show as under attack on the minimap

Bug fixes

  • • Previously explored enemy buildings are now shown correctly on the minimap in fog of war

  • • Trade units are now counted correctly

  • • Merged duplicate icons for huskarls, tarkans, serjeants and flemish militia

  • • Separated missionaries from monks

  • • Removed duplicate player names from some chat messages

Version 1.1.7


  • • Fixed an issue with lobbies where players did not pick a specific team

Version 1.1.6


  • • Improved performance in various situations

  • • Now ignores Windows scaling for graphics

  • • Adjusted player colors

  • • Adjusted minimap colors

  • • New minimap icons for TCs & Castles

  • • Improved Eco and Military minimap modes (cycle with Alt + M)

  • • Added elevation on minimap

  • • Added outline to minimap icons

  • • Adjusted minimap antialiasing

  • • Reduced object size on minimap slightly

  • • Made terrain grid fade out with zoom

  • • Removed an unwanted gap between the minimap and its background

  • • Fixed an issue where having a trebuchet in the unit panel caused an error

  • • Fixed an issue where treaty games with two teams were not correctly recognized

  • • Fixed an alignment issue with the dashboard background

  • • Fixed an alignment issue with static techs on the right side

Version 1.1.5


  • • Improved terrain lighting to be closer to the game

  • • Adjusted sound

  • • Fixed UI for Battle Royal mode

  • • Further improved performance

Version 1.1.3


  • • Added support for the Lords of the West expansion

  • • Added experimental support for graphical mods

  • • Added option for smooth zoom

  • • Made clicking on dynamic techs move the camera to the researching building

  • • Made Chemistry effects visible

  • • Increased strength of shadows

  • • Reduced tree size on the minimap

  • • Changed order of unit types in the selection panel

  • • Added a disconnect from game button

  • • Added zoom duration setting

  • • Added volume controls

  • • Added settings for FXAA, bloom, contrast, saturation, brightness and gamma

  • • Removed horizontal scroll bar from main menu and settings pages

  • • Fixed zooming into upper and lower zoom limits

  • • Fixed an issue with minimap zooming

  • • Fixed minimap being clickable outside of its area

  • • Fixed attack in the Unit panel to be correct

  • • Turned Cata-pharms into regular Farms

  • • Fixed Villager icons not displaying male/female properly

  • • Fixed an issue with packed Trebuchets not being displayed properly in the unit panel

  • • Fixed flickering details on units, such as snow and flags

  • • Fixed an issue with clickability of buttons

  • • Adjusted multiple minor UI elements

Version 1.1.0


  • • Added an Experimental option to enable enhanced graphics. Recommended to only use this in 1v1 for now

  • • Added options to control texture filtering, this makes the graphics look less pixelated

  • • Added an Experimental option to enable small trees mod

  • • Added an Option to enable a grid

  • • Changed the unit panel to always be the same height, unless there are no units selected

  • • Enabled static technologies for team games

  • • Enabled the ability to select fish

  • • Made some other tweaks to the UI

  • • Added goto hotkeys for buildings and kings, using the in-game default combinations

  • • Also added select-all building hotkeys and focus selection hotkey

  • • Fixed various startup errors users have been reporting

  • • Fixed an issue causing some units to disappear in the middle of an animation

  • • Implemented some performance improvements, more to come

  • • Added a message to indicate that Windows Store installs are not supported at the moment

  • • Made edge scroll behaviour more similar to the game

  • • Changed zooming behaviour to be more correct

  • • Fixed sound volume for units depending on their location in the screen

  • • Adjusted selection sounds to fade out with zoom

Version 1.0.5


  • • Made point-click select only one unit

Version 1.0.4


  • • Added selection like CaptureAge Classic: Double, shift and control click support

  • • Added selection modification to unit panel: click, shift and control click support

  • • Added ability to change Point of View by shift+click-ing a unit

  • • Added sounds for selecting units and buildings

  • • Fixed ctrl+number hotkeys to select a player by color instead of lobby number

  • • Made it easier to select building foundations

  • • Added new hotkey alt+o to hide/show the UI

  • • Increased maximum zoom level

  • • Introduced minimal ui option in settings menu. The implementation is also minimal at the moment - all it does is hide the military value bar in the balance panel, but more changes are coming!

  • • Disabled epic slooowdooooown at end of game

  • • Removed tooltips in unit panel

  • • Changed health bars for villagers to show above their heads

  • • Made monk conversion lines fade out when out of range

  • • Added civ icon to 1v1 stats table

  • • Fixed bug with delay in scoreboard side switching

Version 1.0.3


  • • Resolved errors in app shutdown

Version 1.0.2


  • • Addressed some stability issues

Version 1.0.1


  • • Resolved authentication errors barring people from using CaptureAge