Camera Control


There are multiple ways to move around in CaptureAge so make yourself comfortable!

  • Arrow keys
  • Mouse edge scrolling (standard movement in game)
  • Right click dragging (like dragging on digital maps)
  • Unit Follow by pressing f when you have units selected. (Try it with a bird!)
  • Clicking on the minimap, researching techs or CaptureAge notifications.


You can zoom in 250x in with mouse wheel up and zoom out to 0.01x with mouse wheel down. There's also a toggle allowing you to zoom in and out smoothly by pressing x.

Movement and Zooming Sensitivity

Scroll speed can easily be adjusted in the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon by the minimap.

Zooming sensitivity and camera sensitivity can be temporarily slowed a little by holding Ctrl or a lot by holding Ctrl + Shift.