Game control

F3Pause game
Alt + - Alt + =Increase playback speed
Alt + 0Reset playback speed to default
Ctrl + -Ctrl + =Adjust volume down / up
Right Alt + -Right Alt + =Adjust scroll speed down / up
PgUpPgDnScroll up/down through in game chat

Graphics / Color Control

RCycle fog of war between reveal all, all visible and full
Alt + FToggle fog of war between reveal all and full
Alt + DToggle combined fog of war (show all players' fog of war at the same time)
Alt + GCycle through team color modes: Game Colors -\> Cold vs Warm Colors (blue vs red for 1v1) -\> Team Colors
Alt + TFlip team colors (e.g. flip blue and red players in a 1v1)
PToggle Colour Dependent Health Bars
Alt + Shift + TToggle between High and low quality terrain