Camera & UI

Camera Control

MouseCamera movement
Right ClickCamera movement (Drag or Smooth)
Scroll WheelZoom in/out
XToggle Between Smooth and Non Smooth Zoom
ZToggle between Drag and Smooth movement
Arrow keysPan around the map
CtrlSlow down zooming and smooth movements
Ctrl + ShiftSlow down zooming and smooth movements A LOT
Ctrl + CSnap to the center of the map
DReset zoom level
FStart following currently selected units. F toggles off again.

Overlay Control

CCycle through dashboard table columns (Overview -> Military -> Eco -> Villager Distribution -> Overview).
Left click on dashboard tableCycle through columns in the same way as C
VSelect dashboard table columns: Overview
BSelect dashboard table columns: Military
NSelect dashboard table columns: Eco
MSelect dashboard table columns: Villager Distribution
Left click on unit composition panelToggle between showing grouped team unit composition bars and per player unit compositions
Left click on minimap resources / market pricesToggle between showing resources left on map and current market prices
Alt + Shift + SShow score toggle
Alt + Shift + MShow minimap toggle
Alt + Shift + OShow overlay toggle (dashboard, researches, unit panel etc)