Download and Install

  1. Once you have a CaptureAge license, you can download CaptureAge from your profile page. Copy your license key for later.
  2. Save the file CaptureAge.exe to a location of your choice. We recommend putting it in a folder on your desktop.
  3. Run CaptureAge.exe. (Voobly requires CaptureAge to be running as an Administrator).
  4. The first time you run CaptureAge you may see the following prompt from Windows Click More info and then click Run anyway.
  5. If you need any additional software required to run CaptureAge then you will be prompted to install it (e.g. Java).
  6. Enter your license key when prompted. You can find your license key on your profile page.
  7. Optionally, enter a name you can recognize for your device. Your computer name will be used by default.
  8. Press OK to register your device. The application window will then allow you to select a version.

Select a version

The CaptureAge launcher will present you with available versions in the right-most checkbox.
We recommend staying on the latest version, which is the top-most version from the drop-down.
The launcher will remember your choice when it next starts. Use the big Launch button to start CaptureAge.

Early access to new features and builds

Users on a community or higher reward level will have access to both the stable and the next channel.

  • stable Contains stable releases. Recommended for normal use.
  • next Contains preview releases. You can use this to access the most recent features, but it might be unstable and you might notice various issues. Using this helps us find issues (particularly if you report bugs to us!).

Watcher Mode & Run on startup

The version selection view also has two check boxes.

One check box allows you to enable Watcher mode.
With this enabled, CaptureAge will run in the background and will automatically launch CaptureAge if you start spectating a game or watching a replay. Be aware that the watcher mode is currently considered experimental, and we may be tweaking its behaviour based on your feedback.

The other checkbox allows you to enable Run on startup.
With this enabled, CaptureAge will start automatically when you start up your computer. This is only available with watcher mode enabled.