Community Pool

The community pool is used for funding tournaments, show matches and other community projects. All tournaments and show matches will be open-streaming. 100% of all contributions to the community pool will go directly into these activities, which may be organised by CaptureAge or other community members. Examples of things the Community Pool wil fund are prizes for players and payment for administration, organisation and marketing of events.

None of the contributions will be used to fund support or development of CaptureAge itself - they are exclusively for supporting other community events and projects.

We will update our website every few months with details about how the funds are used.

Events we have supported in the past

12th May 2019: Guaranteed $300 of the $1300 prizepool for Clash of the Hippo 5

2nd June 2019: $250 Pa5 showmatch 2v2 Nicov & MbL vs TheYo & Lyx

Community projects we are supporting

Upcoming recorded game database - will be launched soon!