CaptureAge includes many unique and insightful statistics about the game, of course computed live. They can be found in the table in the bottom right, we also call this table the "Dashboard". There are too many statistics to display all at once, you can cycle the statistics shown there by clicking on the table, or right-clicking to reverse, as well as by using the cycle hotkeys.

In Team games, the dashboard uses an oppositional layout with one team on each side, where the team on the right has the same columns but in reverse. This is to aid comparison. Depending on the game type (e.g. 1v1, team game, ffa) and other data, the "pages" of the dashboard can have different statistics in them.

The columns of the dashboard display a tooltip when you hover over them explaining what their values are.


The dashboard has 3 columns that show geAPM, or game estimated actions per minute. There is the total geAPM, labelled "geAPM", and this is split into "Eco geAPM" and "Mil geAPM". The distinction between economy and military actions isn't always straight forward. We consider economy actions to be about increasing your resources. Basically anything else is considered a military action, though there are very rare cases where a command isn't categorized.

Once categorized, we can use each "pool" of actions to calculate the live (estimated) APM at a given time. This is the current frequency of actions in that pool as determined by an algorithm that uses the timestamps of recent actions. The algorithm we use is a weighted average over the last minute of actions, where recent intervals between actions are weighted much more heavily. The table in the APM tab of the statistics screen displays a true unweighted average over the whole game, though the chart on the same tab uses snapshots of the live (estimated) APM.