General Hotkeys

Note: These hotkeys might change over time, but will be customizable.

Camera DraggingDrag Right ClickPan your view around the world map.
Camera ZoomMouse WheelZoom in/out from the mouse location.
Pause/UnpauseF3Pause/Unpause CaptureAge.
Full ScreenF11Open CaptureAge in full screen.
Game Speed and FPS displayF10Show game speed and FPS.
Open MenuEscapeOpens the CaptureAge main menu.
Cycle Dashboard ForwardAlt + CCycles through available dashboard info.
Cycle Dashboard BackwardsAlt + XCycles through available dashboard info, backwards.
Toggle Technologies (1v1)Alt + TDisplay some important techs for 1v1.
Cycle Fog of War (FoW)Alt + FCycle between multiple fog of war modes
Spectate PlayerCtrl + 1 - 8 (Player) or 0 (Gaia)Change spectator perspective for FoW / notifications.
Spectate PlayerShift + Left Click objectChange spectator to owner of selected unit.
Hide/Show UIAlt + OShow/Hide the UI and only show the minimap.
Flip SidesAlt + SFlip the sides of each player on the UI - can be used to match the player UI positions with their map positions.


Select Single UnitLeft Click ObjectSelect the clicked Object.
Select All Of Unit TypeDouble Left Click ObjectSelect all Objects of the same type on-screen.
Box SelectionDrag Left ClickSelect all objects inside inside the box.
Additive SelectionShift + SelectAdd Objects to selection. Works with the top three selection actions of this list.
Toggle SelectionControl + SelectToggles selection of any Objects targeted with this type of selection. Works with the top three selection actions of this list.
Select Unit From Selection PanelLeft Click Object IconSelect the individual Object.
Remove Unit From Selection PanelControl + Left Click Object IconRemove the clicked Object from the selection.
Select Identical Units From Selection PanelShift + Left Click Object IconSelect all Objects of the same type in your selection.
Remove Identical Units From Selection PanelControl + Shift + Left Click Object IconDe-select all Objects of the same type from your selection.