CA Pro/Time Controls

Camera Auto Follow (Pro)FCamera will automaticly follow your currently selected units until you move it manually.
Interactive Timeline (Pro)TBring up timecontrols around the minimap.
Bookmark Time (Pro)F4Creates and marks a Bookmark in the Timeline to go back to later via Time Controls. It will be placed at 30 seconds earlier to get all the action.
Increase Playback Speed]Increases the playback speed.
Decrase Playback Speed[Decreases the playback speed until you pause. If you have CA Pro it will allow you to go from paused to backwards at increasing speeds with each press.
Skip 30s Forward (Pro)=Skips 30s forward, if you haven't gone back in time this will do nothing.
Skip 30s Backwards (Pro)-Skips 30s back in time letting you quickly see what you missed or jumping around faster than standard rewind/fast forward.

General Hotkeys

Note: These hotkeys might change over time, but will be customizable.

Camera DraggingDrag Right ClickPan your view around the world map.
Camera ZoomMouse WheelZoom in/out from the mouse location.
Camera Zoom Preset1, 2, 3Set zoom to one of three presets. Adjustable in the Casting menu.
Pause/UnpauseF3Pause/Unpause CaptureAge.
Full ScreenF11 or Alt + EnterOpen CaptureAge in full screen.
Game Speed and FPS displayF10Show game speed and FPS.
Open MenuEscapeOpens the CaptureAge main menu.
Open AchievementsCtrl + Alt + SOpens the CaptureAge Achievements.
Cycle Dashboard ForwardAlt + CCycles through available dashboard info.
Cycle Dashboard BackwardsAlt + XCycles through available dashboard info, backwards.
Toggle Technologies (1v1)Alt + TDisplay some important techs for 1v1.
Cycle Fog of War (FoW)Alt + FCycle between multiple fog of war modes.
Combined Fog of War (FoW)Alt + DShow combined FoW.
Check Fog of War (FoW)Hold TabQuickly show the fog of war of the selected units' player and switch to their perspective if the units belong to a one single player.
Flip SidesAlt + SFlip the sides of each player on the UI - can be used to match the player UI positions with their map positions.
Cycle Player Color modeCtrl + Alt + CCycle between modes with game -> coldWarm -> warmCold -> game.
Toggle Classic Team ColorsCtrl + Alt + GToggle classic yellow/blue vs red Team Colors.
Cycle Minimap ModeAlt + MCycle between standard, eco and military minimap mode.
Spectate PlayerCtrl + 1 - 8 (Player) or 0 (Gaia)Change spectator perspective for FoW / notifications.
Spectate PlayerShift + Right Click object or Ctrl + SpaceChange spectator to owner of selected unit.
Hide/Show UIAlt + OShow/Hide the UI and only show the minimap.
Hide/Show MinimapAlt + Shift + OShow/Hide the minimap if UI is hidden with the hotkey above.
Toggle mouse window lockAlt + Shift + CAllow toggling mouse window lock on and off, same as setting the corresponding checkbox in the main menu
Go up in player chatPage UpGo up in player chat.
Go down in player chatPage DownGo Down in player chat.
Expand Techs Panel (RoR)Alt + PToggle visibility of the techs panel in the RoR layout


Select Single UnitLeft Click ObjectSelect the clicked Object.
Select All Of Unit TypeDouble Left Click ObjectSelect all Objects of the same type on-screen.
Box SelectionDrag Left ClickSelect all objects inside inside the box.
Additive SelectionShift + SelectAdd Objects to selection. Works with the top three selection actions of this list.
Toggle SelectionControl + SelectToggles selection of any Objects targeted with this type of selection. Works with the top three selection actions of this list.
Select Unit From Selection PanelLeft Click Object IconSelect the individual Object.
Remove Unit From Selection PanelControl + Left Click Object IconRemove the clicked Object from the selection.
Select Identical Units From Selection PanelShift + Left Click Object IconSelect all Objects of the same type in your selection.
Remove Identical Units From Selection PanelControl + Shift + Left Click Object IconDe-select all Objects of the same type from your selection.

Go-to Hotkeys

Go to Archery RangeCtrl + AGo to the next Archery Range.
Go to BarracksCtrl + BGo to the next Barracks.
Go to BlacksmithCtrl + SGo to the next Blacksmith.
Go to CastleCtrl + VGo to the next Castle.
Go to DockCtrl + DGo to the next Dock.
Go to KrepostCtrl + TGo to the next Krepost.
Go to Lumber CampCtrl + ZGo to the next Lumber Camp.
Go to MarketCtrl + MGo to the next Market.
Go to MillCtrl + IGo to the next Mill.
Go to MonasteryCtrl + YGo to the next Monastery.
Go to Siege WorkshopCtrl + KGo to the next Siege Workshop.
Go to StableCtrl + LGo to the next Stable.
Go to Town CenterCtrl + HGo to the next Town Center.
Go to UniversityCtrl + UGo to the next University.
Go to SelectedSpaceGo to the selected Object.
Go to KingCtrl + Alt + ,Go to the next King.