Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CaptureAge need Contributions? CaptureAge for Definitive Edition was made in partnership with World's Edge. In addition to that we spent countless of hours and a large chunk of our savings into making CA:Classic and CA:DE because we love the community around Age of Empires. While we don't expect to earn all of our efforts and investments back, we do have a lot of features we would love to add to CA:DE that we are convinced will revolutionise not just casting, but especially analysing and improving in the game. Unfortunately to make these a reality we will need to find additional ways of financial support.

Will CaptureAge be compatible with Windows Store in the future?
Hopefully yes, we are looking into it.

Is this the final version?
No, we've got a huge list of things to work on for the foreseeable future - keeping your feedback in mind of course. You can go to our to suggest and vote on features.

What are your current priorities?
Performance, improving the graphics and sound, finishing UI implementation and various quality of life features. You can go to our to suggest and vote on features.

Will CaptureAge Preview overlay versions continue working?
CaptureAge Preview is no longer supported, and we will be shutting it down in the near future. We will be in touch with all those affected soon.

What can I do to improve performance?
See the performance tips in Important Info: