LanguageChange the UI language. Unsupported languages still properly name units, buildings & technologies.
Allow anonymous user statisticsAllowing this setting will help us immensely to make CaptureAge betterâ„¢ - no personal data is stored!
Minimal UI[Experimental] Reduce the amount of information on the UI so you can focus on the game.
UI OffsetsSeveral options of offset some UI elements. Should help out streamers with their chat, webcam and other stats.
Zoom SpeedThe amount of zoom per mouse wheel tick.
Zoom DurationHow long it takes to zoom from one tick to another.
Edge Scroll SpeedHow fast does the camera move when you move your mouse to the edge of the screen.
Lock mouse to windowprevent to mouse cursor from leaving the CaptureAge window.


Output volumeOverall output volume.
Selection volumeVolume of sounds played when selecting a unit or building.
Villager volumeVolume of sounds made by Villagers, like lumberjack chopping wood.
Combat volumeVolume of sounds made by units fighting.
Critters volumeVolume of sounds made by Critters like wolfes, bears etc.


Enable Enhanced Graphics DLCExperimental: Enable CaptureAge to use the Enable Enhanced Graphics DLC. Do not enable this if you do not have Enable Enhanced Graphics DLC downloaded. Does not need to be enabled inside AoE2:DE, just downloaded.
Unit shadow texture filteringEnable unit shadow texture filtering.
Unit texture filteringEnable unit texture filtering.
Unit damage filteringEnable unit damage filtering.
Particle texture filteringEnable particle texture filtering.
Terrain texture filteringEnable unit shadow texture filtering.
Enable graphics modsExperimental: Set CaptureAge to use the graphics mods currently enabled in AoE2:DE.
Use extra video memoryExperimental: Set CaptureAge to use more GPU memory. This will reset after a restart of CaptureAge
Terrain grid intensitySet the intensity of CaptureAges terrain grid. (0 to disable)
GammaSet the gamma value to use.
SaturationSet the saturation value to use.
ContrastSet the contrast value to use.
BrightnessSet the brightness value to use.
BloomEnable Bloom.
FXAAEnable FXAA Anti-aliasing.


The settings in the menu will only show up if you enable the scoreboard by clicking on the button.

Best of/Play all XUpdates the scoreboard and sets the amount of dots below.
[empty space]A place to add additional information - e.g. "Round of 16" or "Hidden Cup 3".
[Rotate Arrows]Switch sides of the teams on the scoreboard - allows you to match the scoreboard and map positions of players/teams.
[Name][Name]Two options to change the names shown on the scoreboard. They are kept between rounds.
[Dots]Click a dot to cycle between colors to indicate the winner color. This will automatically update the score. You can also click these on the overlay scoreboard.
ResetResets all values and resets the players names to ones from the game.
DisableDisable and hides the scoreboard again.
Zoom preset 1, 2, 3Allows you to adjust the three different zoom level presets for the corresponding hotkeys.