About CaptureAge

CaptureAge is an external spectating client used to spectate Age Of Empires II with tons of additional features and a sleek modern design ready for it’s Esports Revival.
CaptureAge was designed to allow our team to add as many features as we’d like without the limitations of operating inside the game itself, here’s some examples of features we’ve already added:
Zooming in and out of the map, Smooth camera movements, unit tracking, resizable mini-maps, compatibility with existing visual mods, 750+ unit/building selecti
on, multiple player selection, health bars in the colour of the player and almost every feature included in PkZ’s iconic Spectator Overlay.
These features are optional and enable the best possible spectating, casting and video making experience in Age Of Empires II.


Original Concepts & Video Producer

Laurence had the original idea for CaptureAge and has been developing our vision of it throughout its development, aided by his game knowledge. He also streams and makes videos using CaptureAge to demonstrate our progress and help improve his content.


Primary Developer

Dico is the primary developer behind CaptureAge, he’s been here since the very beginning and built the project from the ground up doing the vast majority of the code. On his own Dico has likely invested a few thousand hours into this project and deserves far more recognition than he gets for his contribution.

Additional Contributors

He’s one of the initial members of CaptureAge and was instrumental in building the foundation for both versions of CaptureAge. Without his input it’s likely the project never would have taken the direction it has, Thanks Emiel!

One of the new members in the CaptureAge team and founder of the Siege Engineers Modding community, he’s been a great help on some of the core features.

Yet another new brain on the CaptureAge team, n_brain is working primarily on spectating features.

bowSwung has done a ton of work in getting the latest versions ready for HC2!

We cannot make any promises at all regarding features or availability for you or your favourite content creators. 
Donating is completely voluntary and meant as a way of supporting our project.