Get CaptureAge

Choose Pro for the best possible spectating experience. If you opt for Free you can upgrade to Pro at any time.

Pick the Best™ Version

Pick CaptureAge Pro if you would like to get more advanced features and want to support its future development. You can also choose the Free version, which will remain free forever and receive regular updates and improvements.

You decide what is Best™ for you.

CaptureAge ProCaptureAge Free

The free version doesn't require anything. No payment, no account. Just you enjoying all CaptureAge for Definitive Edition's basic features. We do still recommend creating an account, but even that is completely optional.

Download CaptureAge

Download the CaptureAge Client. Follow the installer's instructions and launch it. Also make sure Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is installed.

You might get a security prompt from Windows. Check if the publisher is "CaptureAge" and it's safe to accept!

Your account

Getting Started

a. Launch CaptureAge

b. There, login to access any CA:DE Pro features accessible to you (optional)

c. Launch Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

d. Start watching a live or recorded game

e. Press Alt + Tab to go to CaptureAge

f. Press the button to Connect to the Game

News, Feedback & Support

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