CaptureAge Closed Release Updates

CaptureAge has been accepting various well established Age of Empires 2 streamers for some time now, we’re now expanding that support to various
tournament hosts and associated streamers. To keep things manageable, our main focus will be on supporting tournaments with decent prize pools
to help communities previously not supported (Specifically non English speaking communities.) Requests for tournament access should be made on a
verifiable platform by the tournament host. The tournament host can list themselves and a few others as official streamers of their own event.

Please provide us with the following information to help us sort through the requests, this may take some time so please have patience.
(If you’re just starting out with streaming AoE2 and aren’t associated with a tournament or streamer as a co-caster we can’t accept you atm)

Requesting for a tournament

– Official streamer(s) with follow numbers
– Computer Specs
– Announcement post
– Tournament name
– Tournament dates
– General settings
– Language
– Availability

Requesting as an established streamer/creator

– Twitch/platform link
– Computer specs
– Follow count
– Language
– Availability

Performance To Be Expected:
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor (16CPUs), ~3.0GHz | GeForce GTX 1060 6GB | 32GB Ram | Imperial Age (1v1 60fps)(2v2 50fps)(3v3 35fps)(4v4 25fps) OBS streaming on NEVNC(new) 6000Kbps

If You feel that you and or those you are requesting for meet these requirements please contact us on the following:
Discord: SirLaurenceNZ#5028
Email: [email protected]

If we haven’t replied to your message, please make sure you’ve included all the info requested and then resend.

We cannot make any promises at all regarding features or availability for you or your favorite content creators. 
Donating is completely voluntary and meant as a way of supporting our project.