Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to be releasing this to the public and if so when?
 We’d like to release CapureAge 
publicly when it’s ready and if nothing comes up that would prevent us from doing so.

How are you going to be implementing changes?
We will primarily be working internally and with content creators to develop this in the direction we want.

Will CaptureAge be compatible with AoE2 DE/AoE4?
AoE2 DE: We won’t know this for some time, but we do suspect there’s a possibility. AoE4: we know nothing as to the viability of this, so probably a no.

Will content creators be able to use CaptureAge?
Unfortunately our team doesn’t have the capacity to support this during HC2 to our standards, however we’ll be looking into this for upcoming events.

Does this work with on live games?
Yes, CaptureAge has zero issues with live games. This is likely a point of confusion based around the first version of CaptureAge using screenshots to make time lapses.

How is CaptureAge’s performance?
CaptureAge has very good performance on 1v1 and can manage with 2v2, however begins to struggle in anything beyond that currently.

COTH5 Layout/UI Visual Explanations

HC2  LayoutLayout/UI Visual Explanations

We cannot make any promises at all regarding features or availability for you or your favorite content creators. 
Donating is completely voluntary and meant as a way of supporting our project.