About CaptureAge

CaptureAge is a company that grew out of the Age II community and we are now partnered with World's Edge to develop spectating tools and provide game development services in both Age II and Age IV. We are looking for people to join us who share our passion for one or both of these titles.

Hours / Time Management

We have a flexible approach to time-management and we believe in giving team members the opportunity to control their own schedules. We'd like to see a world in which work can fit around your life, not the other way around! In practice this generally means a few pre-agreed sync points a week, with the rest of your working time entirely up to you.

Async Biased

As a company spanning many time zones we naturally tend towards async working arrangements and design our processes and working environment with this in mind.

Consensus Driven

We try to foster a genuinely collaborative and consensus driven approach to work rather than top-down direction and micro-management.

Current Openings

Please see below for our current open opportunities. We will be looking for new roles frequently so please check back every few weeks if there is isn't something suitable for you right now!